5 Best Headphones for Listening to Music

In recent years, the market for quality headphones has expanded to great new heights. With so many options available, avid music listeners can invest in headphones tailored to their specific wants and needs. These are the five best headphones for listening to music.

1. Beats Solo3 Wireless

Though Beats headphones have earned themselves a mixed reputation over the years, the Solo3 Wireless is the brand’s best-valued model to date. The Solo3 boasts a balanced sound, phenomenal battery life and comfortable frame that is suitable for everyday use.

Best of all, the Solo3 is regarded for the simplicity of its wireless functionality. Many wireless headphones force you into lengthy setup processes for each of your paired devices, but the Solo3 makes pairing devices quick and easy. Few headphones can compete with the Solo3 in the $250 price range.

2. Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset

Many gym goers can’t make it through a workout without their music — and the Jaybird X3 is the answer to their prayers. At just $100, these earbuds are loud and durable.

Earlier this year, Jaybird released an app for Android and iOS that lets users adjust the sound of their headsets. This gives users much more control than what comes with their phones’ stock equalizers. The headset has an average battery life of only eight hours, but it charges quickly.

3. V-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

Among most headphone critics, the V-MODA Crossfade 2 is the best sounding full-sized wireless headset on the market. It’s the closest a wireless headset can come to the clarity of wired sound.

The headset is also among the most durable on the market. The Crossfade 2 is built with military-grade steel for surviving whatever is thrown at it. Even with its steel frame, however, the device remains comfortable and practical. This is the most full-featured device available for $330.

4. Oppo PM-3 Wired

As the first wired headset on this list, the sound quality of the Oppo PM-3 is in a league of its own. Though wireless headphones like the Solo3 and Crossfade 2 are strong competitors, the clarity of the Oppo PM-3 is immediately recognizable.

Some critics argue that the Oppo PM-3 sets the standard for headphone aesthetic appeal. The device looks and feels luxurious, and it’s one of the most comfortable headsets on the market. Though its price tag is just north of $400, serious music listeners will find it a worthwhile investment.

5. Skullcandy Uproar Wireless

The Skullcandy Uproar Wireless is the first and only budget headset on this list. Despite its $50 price, the Uproar delivers great sound.

Skullcandy saves money on the headset by using lower quality materials, but the device is still comfortable. Though it only connects through Bluetooth, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better sounding wireless headset for the same price.

Joshua Gruss – CEO of Round Hill Music

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