5 Best Songs to Listen to While on a Plane

5 Best Songs to Listen to While on a Plane

Long flights can become extremely boring, but having a great playlist put together before the flight can make it much more enjoyable and bearable. Whether you’re into country music or rock n’ roll, these five songs are great to listen to while on a plane.

1. “Drunk on a Plane” by Dierks Bentley:

Okay, so let’s be honest… being drunk is always fun, and it’s hard to imagine that being drunk on a long flight (along with some great music!) won’t be able to make it much more bearable. This song is perfect for one of those flights because even if you aren’t drunk, you can sing along to the catchy lyrics and imagine yourself being drunk and having a grand ole’ time on your flight. Even though Bentley is going through a breakup in the song, it’s still fun and easy to sing along to!

2. “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly:

I think this one is pretty obvious–you can fly! While this song is about flying in a non-airplane sense, it’d be pretty funny to be on a long flight and hear this song pop up on your playlist. Do you believe you can touch the sky? You probably can if you just open the window, but that presents other problems…

3. “Paper Planes” by M.I.A.:

If you’re sleepy during that long flight, this song is the perfect pick-me-up. It’s extremely catchy and you’ll have a hard time not singing along (or at least doing hand motions) when it comes on. The rap beat and catchy lyrics will have you dancing up and down the aisles and will help you forget about that guy snoring so loudly beside you.

4. “Vacation” by The Go-Go’s:

Even if you’re not on a flight heading towards a vacation destination, this song will perk you right up and make you feel like you are. Escaping on a plane is a great feeling, and you can turn this trip into a vacation, even if only in your mind!

5. “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers:

Another catchy classic! Whether you’re flying home to family, a loved one, old friends, etc., this song will pump you up for your landing. You’re traveling to somewhere, and on long flights, the destination usually is the first thing on your mind. Let The Proclaimers sing you straight to it!

When putting together your flight playlist, don’t forget to include these five great songs to listen to while traveling on a plane! They will make your flight more enjoyable and get you ready to land.


Joshua Gruss is the Chairman, CEO and founder of Round Hill Music.

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