Top Music Moments in 2017

Call it spontaneity or luck or just good, old-fashioned ingenuity, but when a music track hits the right chord with a moment in life, the result is pure magic. Such is the case with several music-related moments in 2017: when life met sound in perfect harmony. There were numerous examples to choose from, but we picked a few of our favorites to share with you. Continue reading “Top Music Moments in 2017”

Report Claims Major Labels are Paying Out $1.2BN a Year to Independent Artists

Long have prophecies of independent genocide by major record labels circulated throughout the music industry. A recent report from the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) may prove the opposite. The global market for independent music is actually growing. Despite a mass fear of monopolization and major label control, some $1.2 billion was attributed to independent labels in 2016, according to the WINTEL report. Continue reading “Report Claims Major Labels are Paying Out $1.2BN a Year to Independent Artists”

Why Millennials Stopped Downloading Illegal Music

Illegally downloading music became a widespread hobby for people throughout the world shortly after the creation of Napster in 1999. This practice became so widespread that it drastically changed the music business. Nobody was willing to purchase music when they could easily download their favorite songs and albums in only a few minutes. The popularity of illegally downloading music has drastically faded in recent years as millennials have reached adulthood. These are the four biggest reasons why millennials stopped downloading illegal music. Continue reading “Why Millennials Stopped Downloading Illegal Music”

Why Microsoft Could Never Become a Force in the Music Industry

When Sean Gunn’s Kraglin gifts Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord a Microsoft Zune at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, everyone in the audience gets the joke.The now-defunct music player is synonymous with failure. It has replaced the Betamax as pop culture’s go-to punchline for the technologically illiterate. Continue reading “Why Microsoft Could Never Become a Force in the Music Industry”