Top 5 Country Music Songs of 2017

Top 5 Country Music Songs of 2017

The top five Country Music songs of 2017 are diverse. It seems there’s a song for any listener. There seemed to be a demand for songs that are honest and relate-able. Demand was also high for fresh content. These factors led to a fantastic 2017 for Country Music.

5. Luke Combs – “When It Rains It Pours”

This song is very upbeat. Luke Combs seemed to become popular overnight. He’s been described as a normal guy. He’s someone we can relate to. We all want to feel happy, and this song is here to help.

4. Midland – “Drinkin’ Problem”

Number four is relevant and traditional. The lyrics are clever and fun. Midland released this song during the perfect year. I think we all can relate to the lyrics. We just want to forget our troubles.
This song has a classic sound. It’s reminiscent of early Alan Jackson, but with a rougher feel.

3. Little Big Town – “Better Man”

Little Big town is no newcomer to the stage. It’s no surprise they landed the number three spot. Their songs are usually fun and positive. This year is different. Karen Fairchild sings about conflict, love, and loss. The honesty of the lyrics is heartbreaking.
It was well received by fans. This isn’t news to Little Big Town. Every year they bring amazing songs to the scene.

2. Carly Pearce – “Every Little Thing”

This ballad brings tears to your eyes. It’s another honest song about love and heartbreak. The lyrics are delivered in a smooth and velvety tone. It’s irresistible. Carly Pearce has a classic style that is hard to ignore. That’s why her song is number two.

1. Brantley Gilbert – “The Ones That Like Me”

Brantley Gilbert reached peak popularity in 2017. This song was overwhelmingly famous. Its message of self-acceptance was powerful. Brantley Gilbert stayed true to his sound, but taught us a lesson. Be true to yourself. The right people will stay. We can all learn from that.

Country Music evolved beautifully in 2017. So many new artists influenced the scene this year. They brought fresh sounds and classic twists. The staple artists didn’t fail to deliver either. The top songs had honest and relate-able lyrics. This raw and eclectic group of songs made for a great 2017. I look forward to seeing what Country Music has in store for us in 2018.


Joshua Gruss is the Chairman of Round Hill Music.

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